UCC Trainings

UCC Trainings Calendar 2024

Welcome to the Training Calendar overview. In this part, you will get an overview of the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Sessions that we offer in collaboration with SAP University Alliances (SAP UA), UCC Magdeburg and in4MD. We would like to remind you that we offer these trainings ONLY to the members of SAP ACC and SAP UCC affiliated with SAP UA Program.  
The trainings are divided into 2 types, free and paid. The free trainings are sponsored by SAP University Alliances and highlighted in purple color. Trainings that require a participation fee are highlighted in orange color. Moreover, SAP Academic Meet Ups are highlighted in green color. You can click on the event to see whether it is a virtual or on-site training, as well as the language of instruction. When you click on “Event Details“, you will be directed to the page where you will find the registration links. Alternatively, you can find the full list of trainings in our Customer Portal
We are looking forward to your participation and to meeting you in one of these events.