Ongoing Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Digital Transformation of Global Bike Curriculum

The aim of this project is to create a competency-based curriculum that addresses the challenges of the digital transformation based on the example of Global Bike.  The curriculum aims at fostering skills and competencies for the digital transformation of business by offering tangible demonstration of the transformation of a traditional bike-selling company to a bike-sharing service provider. It offers various modules for each aspect of the company affected by digital transformation. Therefore, preparing the students to be best qualified as the workforce of tomorrow.

SAP Signavio

The project aims at developing a process intelligence curriculum, respectively the topics of process mining. Moreover, it aims at creating a learning as well as a teaching platform in collaboration with SAP Signavio (SAP Business Process Transformation). To explain briefly, SAP Signavio brings together standardized process KPIs, broad benchmarking data, process mining, user behavior mining and customer experience analysis to give users a 360-degree view of every business process. Teaching business process intelligence gains importance as it works perfectly for large IT-Systems such as “SAP”. And taking into consideration that process improvement and efficency increasing are among the main goals of many companies worldwide. Therefore, process intelligence is becoming a standard and enabler for digital transformation.


IBM Open Power AI

The aim of this project is to bring technologies around the IBM POWER ecosystem closer to the world of academia. Especially the benefits for Artificial Intelligence solutions will be focussed.

The OpenPower@TUM project is located at the Chair of Information Systems of the Technical University of Munich.

Besides providing access to technology for academia, the infrastructure is also used as a teaching environment. A practical course on how to develop with and for AI-driven applications on POWER.

DIAS: Data Integration, Analytics, and Services in ProteomicsDB

The new Proteomics-as-a-Service platform, based on ProteomicsDB, will cater to the experimental life sciences community by merging a unique vantage point to view and merge relevant protein-centric computational approaches.

Its software tools and data services will help (non-expert) biologists and (expert) bioinformaticians alike to use and reuse their own and public high-throughput data. Furthermore, it will bring proteomic data, tools and results to (non-expert) parts of the community that usually would not have access to such information and capabilities enabling new collaborations and innovations in therapies, medication or other fields in healthcare.

Industrie 4.0 - Fischertechnik und HANA

Digital transformation changes whole industries and forces organizations to innovate and adapt to latest technologies in order to stay competitive. Internet of things (IoT) and industry 4.0 are often referred to in this context. Since this field is continuously advancing and the fact that many organizations already have IoT solutions in place, it is indispensable to teach the students of today the concepts of IoT, its effects on an organization’s internal and external ecosystem and processes, and its potentials at the example of real-world applications with industry software solutions to make them the innovators of tomorrow. Therefore, this project aims at developing an industry 4.0 curriculum to teach informatics and information systems students software development in a simulated real-world environment using SAP HANA and a FischertechnikFabrik-Simulation 9V” production plant. It is planned to connect this environment to an SAP S/4HANA system to extend this curriculum by selected business scenarios to also make it suitable for business students.