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Our main aim in this section is to inform you about our products. For any course-related or technical-related questions, you can always reach out to us through our Service Desk in SAP UCC TU Munich Portal.

SAP S/4HANA, the next generation real-time ERP Suite

Understand business processes based on SAP Enterprise Business Software S/4HANA! Use our modular teaching and learning environment and demonstrate the integrative effect of business processes in practical case studies. Thanks to web-based access and the monitoring tool we have developed, the S/4HANA teaching environment is also ideal for distance learning. 

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Optimize business processes in S/4HANA with SAP Customizing

This teaching and learning environment teaches the correct mapping of organizational structures and process adjustments in a company. Analyze problems from fictitious employee conversations within the model company Global Bike and develop solution concepts. Use process analysis and process configuration to optimize areas such as finance, purchasing, and sales.

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The official SAP Certification TS410

Prepare your students for an official SAP certification in 10 days!
Deal intensively with financial accounting, management accounting, inventory management and stocktaking, project management, human resources, asset management and maintenance, among other modules. Explain how these areas work and how they are linked to each other.
After completing the intensive course, participants can certify online with SAP Education.

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Global Bike Go, the business game extension for S/4HANA

Discover our business game extension for SAP S/4HANA with Global Bike Go! Use the Serious Gaming learning approach to teach business complexities in a playful way. The games offer a good introduction to basic business decisions and subsequent process steps. The areas of procurement, production, and sales are covered.

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Playful Learning with ERPsim

Deviate from the usual course formats and motivate students with simulation games! Teach business processes in a playful way in SAPS/4HANA.
Teams play against each other, and the competitive factor increases motivation. Different business tasks are explained in an integrative and realistic way.
The game is aimed at students with and without previous knowledge of ERP and can be used in various course concepts.

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Modeling and evaluation of company data with BW/4HANA

Deepen your students’ understanding of central data warehousing concepts and modeling techniques with SAP BW/4HANA.
Demonstrate the concepts of data analysis and data evaluation, as well as data preparation and data modeling. Both areas are independent of each other and can be used in courses depending on the focus.

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SAP HANA, In-memory database and powerful development platform

Present core concepts, data replication methods, and modeling techniques using in-memory technology. Benefit from access to an SAP HANA real-time database. Expand on topics like: Introduction to in-memory application development, data mining, geodata processing, text analysis, and graph processing.

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SAP S/4HANA Development

Teach how to develop your own SAP S/4HANA applications! Your students will learn to use different programming languages and concepts with focus on ABAP. Further topics are the introduction of concepts like screens, modularization, and lock concept. Creation of an SAPUI5 application, which will consume a self-defined OData service. Configuration of a customized Fiori launch pad.

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Data analysis and visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Analyze business data in the cloud! The focus of this teaching and learning environment is the visualization of complex business data. Students acquire skills in using the Modeler and Story Builder. Along a realistic scenario they develop an interactive sales dashboard.

Here you can find more info about SAP Analytics Cloud & info SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud application for enterprise-wide supply chain planning that consists of different modules. SAP IBP has preconfigured planning areas for the different modules, which run on an integrated technology platform.

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Process Mining with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Teach your students the core concepts of process mining. Students will learn to prepare data for import to SAP Signavio, to create and configure processes and to derive meaningful insights from process data.

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Application Development on the SAP Business Technology Platform

The curriculum teaches students how to develop applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Teaching modules include an introduction to the SAP BTP and its development environment, an introduction to the core concepts of the Restful application Programming Model and the Cloud Application Programming Model, integration of the on-premise systems, as well as the deployment of BTP-native and BTP-non-native applications. 

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