Thesis Research Project Marwin Shraideh

Towards Proteomics as a Service: Designing and Implementing a Reference Architecture for as a Service Platforms in the Proteomics Domain at the Example of ProteomicsDB

Marwin shraideh

Aim: Design and implement a reference architecture for service systems in the proteomics domain at the example of ProteomicsDB (an in-memory database based on SAP HANA)Provide insights into the proteomics domain and its requirements for service development

Abstract: There is a lack of literature in evidence- and model-based design and development of service architectures for service systems. Even though many services for practical and research purposes have already been implemented in the proteomics and healthcare domain, implementations rarely give a deep insight into their internal design and do not focus on sustainability and reusability. To close this gap, I will develop a reference architecture for service systems, based on microservices design principles, for designing and implementing as a service platforms for the proteomics domain and related stakeholders. Hereby, I follow a design science approach. Case of application is the ProteomicsDB, an open proteomics research database residing in SAP HANA. This dissertation extends knowledge in service systems engineering, service design and platform design by providing an iteratively designed and implemented reference architecture for as a service platforms in the proteomics domain that fosters re-configuration, maintainability and standardization.