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Academic Partnership: IBM & SAP UCC at TU Munich

IBM and SAP have a prolific 40-year partnership with a rich history of innovation, and the latest collaboration adopted by TUM is a game changer. The SAP University Competence Center (UCC) deployed IBM Power Systems to support its cutting-edge SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite solutions offered as cloud services, to enable hands-on learning. In this partnership, we offer practical courses in cooperation with IBM both in summer and winter semesters. The topics include Data-Science and Machine Learning with open-source technologies as well as tools from IBM. An experience report in Teaching Machine Learning was also published successfully at the European Conference of Machine Learning (ECML2021).

IBM Press Releases

New Research Projects with Helmholtz Zentrum and the University of Applied Science in Munich

We are happy to announce further research projects with the Helmholtz Zentrum, the University of Applied Science in Munich and the Social Computing Research Group at TUM. The research projects are: Development of an Automated Hate Speech Detector, Multimodel Sentiment Analysis, Self-Supervised Learning with Medical Imaging. Read about the projects here

Hardware Extension of the OpenPower Platform

Expansion of the OpenPower Platform with two additional AC922 machines. Each is equipped with 4x Nvidia V100 GPUs (32GB VRAM each). This allows us to support even more research project. Read about the Open Power System AC922

Start of the first Research Projects on the OpenPower Platform

One of the research projects is "Artificial Intelligence-based Reconstructive Procedures for Environment Modelling", in which a deep learning based Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built to reconstruct illumination parameters, such as the position or direction of a dominant light source, the light colour or the intensity of the light source, from input images. Read more about the research projects

SAP Innovation Award

TUM (UCC) winning SAP Innovation Award 2019 thanks to the strong parnership with IBM To Read More About Innovation Award

SAP Academic Conference EMEA 2018
ProteomicsDB on SAP HANA & IBM Power Systems

TUM and IBM help researchers devise life-saving medical treatments. SAP UCC runs the massive protein open data platform, ProteomicsDB on SAP HANA based on the powerful IBM Power Systems server that dramatically accelerates data analysis

ProteomicsDB Website

Smart hosting services with SAP & IBM
IBM Infrastructure sharpens students' SAP Skills for Digital Transformation
UCC Deployed IBM Power Systems

SAP UCC at TUM help thousands of students succeed in the new digital world of work. UCC deployed IBM Power Systems to support its cutting-edge SAP S/4HANA solutions offered as cloud services to enable hands-on learning 
Read here more

UCC at TUM becomes member of the OpenPower Foundation

IBM OpenPower Projects

Project 2: Compressing Protein Sequences

Partner: ROST LAB - TU Munich (September 2019)

Project 3: Artificial Intelligence-Based Reconstructive Procedures for Environment Modelling

Partner: Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München) (February 2020)

Project 4: SARS-CoV-2 Protein Structure Prediction

Partner: ROST LAB - TU Munich (June 2020)

Project 5: Self-Supervised Learning with Medical Imaging

Partner: Helmholtz AI - TU Munich (May 2021)