Thesis Research Project Sophie Heim

Ecosystem Dynamics in Education

Sophie heim

Aim: Using the context of education, the thesis aims to outline cross- and multi-level ecosystem dynamics with a focus on the SAP University Alliances (SAP UA) ecosystem and the SAP University Competence Centers (SAP UCCs) as intermediaries.

Abstract:  IS literature has acknowledged that knowledge transfer within and across organizational boundaries is an important prerequisite for innovation. However, the dynamics behind knowledge transfer and innovation, such as the dynamic of adoption, differ depending on their ecosystem context, for instance if they are focused around a certain product or industry. In my dissertation, I investigate these dynamics across (multiple) ecosystems for depicting such inter-ecosystem interaction. Since education is a central aspect for knowledge transfer within and across every ecosystem, I focus my empirical research on the educational ecosystem of SAP University Alliances to give a concrete example. I develop two variance models illustrating the dynamics in such educational ecosystems regarding the value flow and the ecosystem levels. These models can be used as a starting point for theory and practice to improve business models and ecosystems in the educational sector. Further, the thesis contributes to literature by exploring the roles, knowledge interactions, and dependencies in educational ecosystems with a focus on the role concept of intermediaries.