Completed Research Projects and Publications

Completed Projects

DIAS: Data Integration, Analytics, and Services in ProteomicsDB

The aim of this project was to help (non-expert) biologists and (expert) bioinformaticians alike to use and reuse their own and public high-throughput data on a Proteomics-as-a-Service Platform, ProteomicsDB. tools. Furthermore, it brought the proteomics data, tools and results to (non-expert) parts of the community that usually would not have access to such information and capabilities enabling new collaborations and innovations in therapies, medication or other fields in healthcare.

Industrie 4.0 - Fischertechnik und HANA

It is indispensable to teach the students of today the concepts of IoT, its effects on an organization's internal and external ecosystem and processes, and its potentials at the example of real-world applications with industry software solutions to make them the innovators of tomorrow. Therefore, this project aimed at developing an Industry 4.0 curriculum to teach informatics and information systems students software development in a simulated real-world environment using SAP HANA and a Fischertechnik "Fabrik-Simulation 9V" production plant.

IBM Machine Learning Praktikum

The aim of this practical course was to motivate the teams to elaborate a solution for a given problem, to develop a business case based on it, and implement a prototype to cover the case by using IBM AI tools.

Siemens Project: Continous Auditing and Fraud Detection

Fraud detection analyzes large dataset of enterprise resource planning systems to locate irregularities. Therefore, this project aimed to develop fraud patterns to reduce the number of false positives by combining red flag-based approach with process mining.


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