Thesis Research Project Borys Levkovskyi

A Simulation Game for Teaching the Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Processes


Aim: I design a simulation game for teaching the impact of DT-induced changes on business processes, implement it on an S/4HANA system, and evaluate it with the IS students.

Abstract: Digital Transformation enabled businesses to reshape the way they design, produce, and deliver their products and services, thus creating a competitive edge. At the same time, it enables business process improvement by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. On the other side, such projects bear a high risk level and require a structured approach. Thus, mastering digital competencies is necessary for future graduates in the area of information systems, computer science, and business administration. Simulation games are proven a valid method for increasing the learning effect when teaching these competencies. While some games in this area already exist, they often lack a correct depiction of real-life business processes.

In my thesis, I am planning to cover this gap by developing a simulation game for teaching business process changes that are induced by the Digital Transformation. First, I analyze the main drivers of digital transformation in companies with the corresponding success measures and KPIs, as well as develop a simulation model that predicts the impact of business process changes on these KPIs. After that, I implement a simulation game based on the developed theoretical model. Finally, I evaluate the simulation game with IS students as well as business process management professionals. This research has practical importance since using such games in teaching will prepare IS students for the challenges of the future working environment.