Thesis Research Project Clemens Drieschner

Developing a Business Game to Teach the Impact of Business Model Transformation

Clemens Drieschner

Abstract: The digital transformation requires enterprises to rethink their business models. Nowadays, managers mainly focus on single processes but not on the strategic view and business model changes. The bridge between digital transformation and business models can be strengthened by a better understanding of the impacts of business model transformations. This dissertation aims to develop a simulation tool to analyze the business model transformation effects on the value drivers of an enterprise. First, research of existing literature and demands from expert interviews allow to collect requirements for the representation of changes within business models. Second, a tool for simulating business model transformations based on data from an enterprise resource planning system by applying the representation requirements. This will be done by the example of a bike manufacture transforming to a mobility platform provider. Third, the developed simulation tool will be evaluated by the target group. This thesis contributes to theory and practice by developing a simulation tool, which can be used to analyze and plan business model transformation before they will take place. This leads to a better understanding and higher opportunity perception in the context of digital transformation and developing a business strategy.